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How to set slots in AC97 mode on iMX6? (Linux 3.0.35)

Question asked by Andreas Zeiler on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Rajesh Kannan



I'm using a board with a imx6 and a wolfson wm9715L codec. The SSI of the imx6 is configured to variable mode. Slot0 of AC97 has some statusbits about following slots. How does the driver set these bits? Especially when I want to write to Address or Data Slot of AC97.

How can I set the statusbits for Slot 1 and 2 of AC97? I can't see any toggling of Address or Data Slots. And also the statusbits in Slot 0 are only available for Slot 3 and 4 (PCM Left/Right). When I play a sound I can see some data on the Databus. But i think that the codec is muted.

But I can not unmute the codec with alsamixer. The driver writes with "writel" to the registers for ADDRESS and DATA.


Does someone know where the problem could be?