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Chip Select register with 8bit bus size...

Question asked by Lorenzo Forzini on Dec 17, 2013

We have a problem to communicate with a register, CS4, at at 0x10020000. In U-boot that reg has the value 0x45fab3c1, but when we try to access it we get:  0x10101010 and we are not able to write too.

With CS3 everything seems ok, we can read and write. CS3 is at: 0x10000000.

The main/only differences between cs3 and cs4 are:


Chip Select: Lp_cs3

Bus size: 32 bit

Bus control: 2 wait state R/W ACK disabled

Allocated size 32Kbyte


Chip Select: Lp_cs4

Bus size: 8 bit

Bus control: 2 wait state R/W ACK disabled

Allocated size: 4 KByte


In userspace we use:

//code from memedit.c
int fd;
fd = open("/dev/mem", O_SYNC | O_RDWR);
mem = mmap(NULL, 4096, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, fd, offset & (~4095));
printf("/dev/mem[0x%08x] = 0x%08x", offset, *(unsigned int*)&mem[offset & 4095]);

//to write
*((unsigned int *)&mem[offset & 4095]) = input;



In our kernel module:

#define CS4_START   0x10020000U
#define CS4_STOP   0x10040000U
#define CS4_SIZE   0x00020000U
#define CS3_START   0x10000000U
#define CS3_STOP   0x10020000U
#define CS3_SIZE   0x00020000U

void __iomem *cs3_ioaddr   = ioremap ((volatile unsigned long)(CS3_START), CS3_SIZE);
printk("We read value at CS3: %x \n\n\n",in_be32(cs3_ioaddr+0x0018));
printk("We read written value: %x \n\n\n",in_be32(cs3_ioaddr+0x0018));


Platform is based on mpc5200b CPU and fpga is a Xilinx Virtex4.

Kernel we use: 2.6.33


Thanks again in advance…