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Vybrid Cortex-M4 Cache - Controlling cacheability of different regions

Question asked by Zeeshan Aslam on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by Rene Kolarik



I just want to quickly verify if there is any way to control the cacheability (write-back, write-through, non-cache) of different address space regions for Cortex-M4 core?


There are default cache modes at reset in Local Memory Controller (LMEM). What if I need different cache mode for DRAM address space? I understand that there is no MPU implemented for Vybrid. So where corresponding functionality exists for changing cacheability of memory, if at all? I don't see anything in SCU or anything else.


Or simply there is no way to control cacheability attributes of different address space regions for Vybrid CM4, right?



Thanks in advance,

Zeeshan Aslam