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freescale android kernel have scheduling problem ?

Question asked by aaron yang on Dec 15, 2013

I wrote a very simple Android application(AndroidGLSurfaceViewActivity.apk).mainly use opengl use muti-thread to draw frame on the screen

I tried to run on the freescale platform ( i.mx6q , 1GB Ram , android 4.0.4 , hdmi 1080p output )

It can't run more than one hour will cause the system to crash. (Kernel panic or rcu_preempt_state detected stalls on CPUs/tasks).

but it can run all night on the Android Emulator and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


We have also seen similar crashes on our product that is based on SabreSD iMX6Q jb4.2.2-1.1.0-ga release with 2GB of memory.

Kernel panics with a NULL pointer dereference or " rcu_preempt_state detected stalls".

I ran your tests on our boards and saw the kernel panic a couple of times.  I also saw sometimes the app would freeze and I would have stop and start it again.


I also tried your test on a few of our SabreSd (Rev C1 and Rev C2) boards.  I didn't see the same specific kernel panic or rcu stall yet,

but they did reboot a couple of times without any logs.  The OOM killer seems to kick in pretty quickly too, maybe because SabreSd only has 1GB.


I am running a newer version of Android (and probably the kernel) than you.  But regardless, your test does definitely reveals some issues on the iMX6. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             from Chris1z  


when I upgrade our platform to android 4.2.2 .

it will reboot system and without any error logs in one hour.

i think seems to be a watchdog role because the kernel no response


Because I accidentally turned off the topic so i re-open a new , Someone from Freescale please comment.


PS : Android apk and program source code and detailed error messages, see attached file

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