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Codewarrior debugging problem

Question asked by Ken Roberts on Dec 15, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hi all,

I'm using CodeWarrior for MCU, Version: 10.5, Build Id:130916 and evaluating a MC9S08PT60 using the TWR-S08DC-PT60, I cannot get debbuging or programming working correctly.

The PC is running Windows 8.1 and has an Intel i5-3330S 2.70GHz processor.


I bought three TWR-S08DC-PT60 in case there was a hardware problem, they are from two different batches but with the same hardware revision (REV A0) - so it is unlikely that the problem is there.


When debugging is started I get the "P&E Connection Assistant" dialog saying "An error occurred while connecting to the interface hardware...." the boxes in the dialog show the correct hardware, pressing retry brings up the same window or brings up the "Power Cycle Dialog".

After many retries an error box eventually comes up saying "Error launching xxxx_FLASH_PnE U-MultiLink HC/RS/S12Z GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. The Debugger can not connect to the P&E device" (the xxxx being the project name).

The odd thing is I can eventually get one of the boards going after trying many-many times by re-connecting, pressing board reset now and again, drinking lots of tea, standing on one leg, etc - this may take 60 plus tries - but once it is going it works fine.


I was hoping that the problem would show its ugly head but now I am ready to start a prototype run and I am no wiser - could it be a processor multi-threading issue, I had this with COM ports and VisualStudio ??


Is there anyone out there who can help with this problem, please ??