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Processor Expert components in functions and not seeing functions described in help window

Question asked by Yusif Nurizade on Dec 14, 2013
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I am still relatively new to Code Warrior and Processor Expert so while I can get a project up and running, I am still learning the finer points of the IDE. Today I have two questions in particular regarding Processor Expert; how can I have a function access more than one component based on input and how can I enable functions that are mentioned in a component's help window but don't show up in the Components window?


Regarding having a function access more than one component:
I am trying to set up multiple PWM channels and want to control them using a terminal emulator. Writing the code for the first couple of PWMs is fairly simple; read a string, read the part that specifies the channel, read the part that specifies duty cycle, set duty cycle and let the user know if the channel needs to be turned on. Works fine but the code gets long and laborious when adding more channels. If I could have a single function that takes in the read string and updates accordingly that would be great, however, the case structure for PWM1_Enable, PWM2_Enable, etc. still takes up a lot of space. Is there a way to keep the component function and auto-update the number? That is, could I keep the PWM_Enable() function and update the number based on the input string going into the function?


Regarding enabling functions I see in the Help window but not in the Components window:

To be more specific, I am using a FRDM KE02Z and CW 10.5. For example's sake, I am trying to add the PWM_LDD component. When I right click the component after adding it to the project and select the Help On Component option, under methods I see the Deinit function. Expanding the component in the Components window, however, I only see Init, SetDutyMS and SetRatio16. How do I get Deinit as a usable function? Could it be tied to the microprocessor I'm using?


Hope to hear from you,
Yusif Nurizade