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What is the state of X11 display rotation on imx6q?

Question asked by Leonard Lin on Dec 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by DiegoFSL

I have an UDOO (i.MX6 Quad/GC2000) dev board connected to an external HDMI->VGA display (1024x768).

I am running a custom Ubuntu 12.04 armhf rootfs w/ UDOO's 3.0.35 kernel (w/ GPU drivers compiled) and Xorg 1.11.3

I am using the latest Timesys repos userspace/X11 drivers for the 3.0.35 kernel.


I have it in portrait mode (768x1024) and have been able to succesfully rotate the console w/ fbcon, and to set rotation in X11 w/ Option "Rotate" "CW" in the Display in the Device section of my xorg.conf when I am using the software (fbdevhw) renderer. Unfortunately, the sw renderer performs quite poorly (I can literally see blits move across the screen).


When running the vivante drivers on the Device, the 2D performance is improved.  However, it doesn't respect the Rotate option. I've also tried xrandr combinations, but I get either a BadMatch when specifying -o or a message that it can't use rotation when I try to specify a --rotate for the --output.


I saw a thread where someone made their own modifications to xrandr and a followup from a Freescale employee about implementing rotation via Wayland (this was back in September): 3D APP run failed after add RandR support on imx6q


Has there been any progress? What are the alternatives? I'm developing on this UDOO board for an embedded application and I can't imagine it being an uncommon use case for devs to need to support portrait displays? There must be some workaround?