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Issues with BSP Cloning Wizard - any suggestions on how to proceed?

Question asked by Stephen Munnings on Dec 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by David E Seymour

We are developing code for a custom board we are creating.

We need to use BSP Cloning Wizard to create the new BSP packages.

We do this - create a new BSP clone.

We then export the MQX source as per the Cloning Wizard instructions.

The problem is that this export is designed for creating a complete MQX installation for a single BSP.

We are looking to have at least one more variant of the board and want to put that variant in the same MQX directory tree.

(Actually, we are looking for at least 3 more variants - see below)

This is for several reasons:

   1.  Common code -  we do not want to change a file in one BSP code base, and then manually propagate the code change(s) to all the other BSP code bases.

   2.  Sharing between team members (combined with version control of the code base) - it does not make a lot of sense to Version Control the original MQX code base. So we version control and share the derived code base.

   3.  One set of variants is so that we can develop a project for debugging directly on the board, and another variant so that we can create the same project with changes as needed to be loaded by a resident BootLoader (which requires changes to the MQX builds, and thus two different versions of MQX (BSPs) for the same physical hardware)


If the BSP Cloning Wizard would put/merge its output into some other directory than the original MQX installation, that would be a solution to the problem, but we haven't found out how to do this yet.

If the BSP Source Tree export Wizard could handle a "merge" situation differently from the "create a brand new MQX tree", that would also solve the issue, but I am not sure how that implementation would work.

We did a controlled attempt to manually merge two BSP exports, but the file collision space is too large to make it practical (as far as we could tell)

We had very few clues as to whether we should replace files, etc.,