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SSI and AC97 isn't working on imx6 and Linux 3.0.35

Question asked by Andreas Zeiler on Dec 13, 2013
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i try to get audio playing on a board with imx6 and a wm9715 codec with ac97. On boot-up linux probes the driver and everything is fine.

But i can't hear a sound when i play a file. It seems to me that the codec is not ready or muted by default.


I checked reset signals with an oszilloscope. And also clock and data signals. I get 12,288 MHz and a FrameSync of 48Khz.

Also, when i play audio i see the audio samples in slot 3 and 4. But when i want to unmute the codec or set volume with alsamixer, i don't see any toggling of the "address" or "data" slot of AC97.

And in Slot 0 the corresponding valid bits of address and data stay invalid. Since i get good clock and frame sync signals i think that the ssi interface is configured well.

I've made printk's in the imx_ssi_ac97_write-function of imx-ssi.c in sound/soc/imx. With writel i can write to the address like SSI_SACADD or SSI_SACDAT and also read back with readl, but i can't see anything on the bus.


Does anyone know whats wrong here? Do I have to configure something or is there a known bug or something?


With kind regards