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Question asked by Ali2006 on Dec 12, 2013

Hello All,


I"m trying to create a simple one line text entry box with eGUI.. allowing a cursor to be displayed and keeping it to a single line.. So

No scroll bars, no title , no icons.. etc.. and I seem to be having a hard time. 




1 - The cursor only shows up when it wants to.. After I put a string to the console text.. no cursor.. After I send a character

to it no curos.. After I delete a character.. wallal a cursor.. but only sometimes.  When I move the cursor it

sometimes shows and sometimes doesn't.. even if I wait for the blink time to finish. 


2 - I have to tell it there are two lines before it will even decide to show my one line that I want.  and I have to make the

cy a size of 50.. when with my label text I only need to use a size of 35 and there is plenty of room for my font.


I have my D4D_CONSOLE setup as follows..



#define X_OFF 1 

#define Y_OFF 0 

//Recipe Description Text Box Location


#define DESC_X 8 

#define DESC_Y 10 

#define DESC_X_SIZE 460 

#define DESC_Y_SIZE 35


#define MAX_TEXT_LENGTH 34




OurTextLabel, // name,


NULL,         // text,


DESC_X+X_OFF, // x,


DESC_Y+Y_OFF, // y,


DESC_X_SIZE,  // cx,


50,           //DESC_Y_SIZE, // cy,


5,            // radius 

2,            //1, // line_cnt,


MAX_TEXT_LENGTH,   // char_cnt,


1,                 // tabSize,


NULL,              // icon,




KEYBOARD_COLOR_SCHEME,                        // pScheme,


KEYBOARD_FONT,                                // fontId,


0,                                            // titleFontId,


NULL,                                         // pUser,


NULL)                                         // pOnUsrMsg)



FYI...  I'd be open to ideas on how to put a cursor in a standard LABEL.. I can create the entire effect

I desire using a standard LABEL text.. but I don't have any good ideas on how to add a cursor to the mix.. so when I move the

cursor.. you just don't know where you are.. If you count your characters.. you can work it just fine.. butI hightly

doubt I can get my customer to sign off on that one.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions..


FYI:  I was able to get the system to operate making the line count 1.. but I was still unable to get it to allow me to make the size any smaller than 50.

So my box looks huge compared to my text.. And I'm still having the issues with the cursor.


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