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i.mx6q and Qt5 qml performances using eglfs

Question asked by mralmond on Dec 12, 2013

Hi everyone,


I'm doing some graphics comparative tests between i.mx6s and i.mx6q.

My "benchmark" is an application written in Qt5.1.0/qml that does a lot of graphical transitions.

With the i.mx6s at 1080p HDMI the performances were not so good...and this was expected...then I tried with the quad core version (i.mx6q) and with my great surprise I noticed that in this case the performances were just a little better than with the solo version.

The main difference is that the CPU load is around 60-80% with the solo and around 10-30% with the quad.


Please can someone explain me why I'm not getting very good performances with the quad core?

Could it be a problem with DDR bandwidth?