Horace Hou

Questions about the CodeWarrior IDE plugin SDK (with ALL CPUs Freescale supports)

Discussion created by Horace Hou on Aug 7, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2007 by CrasyCat
Is Freescale continues to provide the Codewarrior plugin SDK or not?
Codewarrior is using COM plugin structure to extent its functionality, and with each version of distribution (ALL CPU, ALL versions), it has two documents(Guide and Reference) to descripe how to made extensions for the IDE. But I feel confused when try to get the associated plugin SDK, where can I found it!
Sure I can use one version of plugin SDK associated with the distribution of Codewarrior For Windows V9.4, when Metrowerks is still a company. But sooner or later, this plugin would dated and fade out, so I want to know what's the point freescale stands, either remove the plugin documents from the official distribution, or provoide us with the plugin SDK with every distribution.
Furthermore, on what condition could I use my own plugins? Now it is possible to get a free (free of charge) full featured Codewarriror IDE by apply a special editon of Codewarrior product (for 56800 DSP, HC08 or Codefire with limitation on the size compiler generated code). Is it legal to use my plugins under that environment?
Will codewarrior be an open IDE platform (but not open source) that could compete with Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio?