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i.MX53 SABRE Windows Embedded Compact 7 Bootloader does not work on SD card in the iMX53_SMD_Mobility project

Question asked by Kris Zawada on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by Kris Zawada



I am using the i.MX53 SABRE board to build and load a the iMX53_SMD_Mobility project.  At this time I'm interested in getting past the bootloader problem (eboot.nb0) on the SD card.


1) I've created eboot.nb0 binary.

2) Programmed eboot.nb0 binary onto the SD card using CFImager.exe.

3) Change DIP switch for booting.

4) Placed SD Card into slot and powered up, but I am not getting any output from the display or event the debug output board when connecting a terminal.


Has anyone found a way to resolve this?


Please see attachment for more detailed instructions (i.MX53SabreBoardWEC7_BuildEBoot.pdf).


The steps in the Freescale document "WCE700_MX53_ER_1105_SMD_UserGuide.pdf" (Section 5.3.1 - "Building an EBOOT Image for SD/MMS Card") do not allow me to get to a running state.