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Anyone used the sspi command in a recent version of uboot?

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by Ed Sutter

Context: iMX6D custom hardware, derived from SABRESD evaluation board.

I have an SPI peripheral device that I was hoping I could test out with the 'spi' command in uboot.

In looking at that code (cmd_spi.c) and it appears that there is no option to just do a write to

a device (without a followup read).  The call to spi_xfer passes dout and din, both of which are always real

pointers (as opposed to NULL).  Below that, the spi_xchg_single() function checks dout & din for NULL to determine if

the access is a read and/or a write.  Since I can't set din to null in the cmd_spi.c code, it appears that I don't

have that option.


Has anyone used this command?

Is this a valid approach to testing out an SPI peripheral?

One nit... why is it called 'sspi' instead of just 'spi'?