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Using OpenCV and OpenGL together

Question asked by Fikret Alim on Dec 11, 2013



I am trying to use OpenCV and OpenGL together for some image processing tasks. I have already run OpenCV examples on IMX6, I can also compile and run the examples under gpu sdk of Freescale with X11, but when I try to use them together I have some problems.


Actually, what I am trying to make has already been done by Freescale


I have tried many times by using these examples in order to create a simple working binary, but unfortunately I could not achieve that. I have attached one of my trials (the source code, Makefile and the binary). I have modified the 06_Texturing example given under GLES2_0 folder of gpu sdk. I have compiled it without any problem, but when I load the binary to IMX6 board and run the example, I see a black cube rotating. I am waiting for the video instead of black screen. I have attached the output of the screen, also. If I add an imshow function after I get the image from the camera, I can see it without any problem. But when it is used by OpenGL, I can only see black screen as I said.


What can be wrong? I am using Yocto Dora release and I use hard float, since soft float is not supported. (I have only stubs_hard.h in my sysroots folder)


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