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Can I get some register and how to use about ADC internal ch 5 for S12VR ?

Question asked by brandonk on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Radek Sestak

Hi all~


I want to know the registers about the result and completion, when ADC's conversion is finished, using Port L.

Port L input is connected to ADC internal channel 5, please see Table 1-13 in the Reference Manual.

While PTAL register is used to configure which HVI pin is connected to ADC internal channel 5.


I know that the CCF bits of ATDSTAT and ATDDR0~5 registers present the completion flag and result value register for PAD0~5 port, not Port L.

I would like to know the conversion result and completion registers and How to use sample source for Port L.

Where are the result and conversion completion registers for Port L ?


Please advise me.

Thank you.