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imx6 accesing custom FPGA memory on pcie bus

Question asked by Rajeshwaran R on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Yixing Kong

Hi All,


I am currently working imx6 linux platform developing drivers PCIE based stratix iV FPGA,this board has 128mb ram  whose data is to be accessed from user-space for computational purpose. my approach is to make block driver to access the memory of FPGA device through DMA IP on the FPGA device.


Since I am new to this activity I look to get some valuable inputs to move ahead ,Please let me know if any one has worked on a similar problem or refer to driver code  which uses DMA bus master on the device.


We tried the below pcie device configuration and tested demo code available on their site, we were able to access the memory,however we were not able to trigger DMA transfer from FPGA device to imx.


sgdma-pcie-driver-demo/demo-v1/sgdma_gen1x4.c at master · mapleelpam/sgdma-pcie-driver-demo · GitHub


Following BASE ADDRESS REGISTERS are enabled on pcie device

bar0  & 1 for 64kb memory access

bar2 for dma control/status


If any one has better approach to solve this problem please let me know.


Ratheendran R