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MPC8349 - CW download linux to target

Discussion created by Steve DeLaney on Aug 6, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2007 by Dumitru Negrea
Hi all, well I'm continuing down the path building Linux for mpc8349 PPC.
So far I have been unable to get USBTAP to work directly connected to my Linux
build machine.   BUT as a workaround I'm using a Windows PC for a connection server.
I've worked out a toolchain that is now coming to life
CW Dev Studio          Code Warrior Pro                                       MPC8349
Linux FC6                   Windows XP              <-- USB TAP --->    target
build machine             Connection Server
             |--------  LAN -------------|
The build machine uses external makefile to build linux.  Then from Code Warrior
I load vmlinux and halt the target system via the Windows CCS.  So far so good.
Now the question:  How can I get vmlinux to download to the target?  When the
Code Warrior session comes up on the build machine, it loads the vmlinux
binary and catalogs the source files, BUT doesn't seem to want to download the
binary to the target.
I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who might be working in a similar project.
Build Machine Host:  Linux FC6
target:  MPC8349E-mITX
CW Linux:  Code Warrior Development Studio for Power PC, Linux Platform Edition v8.7

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