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imx6q multicore test in platform SDK is not working

Question asked by Dean Chu on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by Dean Chu
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Hello all,


I'm trying to run the multicore test from the platform SDK v1.1 on my SABER-SDB rev A (i.MX6Q).

I built the bin file with "./tools/build_sdk -t mx6dq -b smart_device -board_rev a". And downloaded "./output/mx6dq/sdk_unit_test/smart_device_rev_a/sdk_unit_test_ALL.bin" to an SD card with cf_imager.


"cfimager -raw -f ./sdk_unit_test_ALL.bin -d i -a"


The board boots perfectly, and other tests works fine. But when it comes to the multicore test, the program stuck after CPU0 sent SGI to CPU1.


Select test to run:


Running the GIC Multicore Test

Starting and sending SGIs to secondary CPUs for "hello world"


secondary main cpu: 1

secondary main cpu: 2

secondary main cpu: 3

Hello from CPU 0


"secondary main cpu: x" indicates that all CPUs are on, but it seems CPU1 dosen't  receive any SGI signal or maybe the gic isn't initialized properly on CPU1.  I didn't modify any code of the platform SDK, and i have re-downloaded the SDK and tried again, but it was still not working.


Has anyone runs the multicore test successfully? I need some hints.



Dean Chu