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H263: error -1 on vpu_EncGetInitialInfo

Question asked by Kirill Brilliantov on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2013 by Kirill Brilliantov
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I use imx-lib-11.09.01 (VPU firmware version: 1.4.41, VPU library version: 5.3.2) on Linux-

I try configure VPU on using H263:

encop.EncStdParam.h263Param.h263_annexIEnable = 0;

encop.EncStdParam.h263Param.h263_annexJEnable = 1;

encop.EncStdParam.h263Param.h263_annexKEnable = 1;

encop.EncStdParam.h263Param.h263_annexTEnable = 1;

Unfotrunally vpu_EncGetInitialInfo exit with -1 on this configuration.

I have to encode 1280x720@25 stream, because I configure codec on H.263v2 (H.263 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) I think problem not in resolution and framerate.

How can I solve this problem, unfortunally technical support not help?

Thank you and excuse my bad english.