Liping Zheng

Debug problem of CW for 56F800/E v7.3 with driver patch

Discussion created by Liping Zheng on Aug 4, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2007 by Fangnan Wu

I am using CW v7.3 to debug my 56F803 target board. I can download and run the code. I can also "step in". However, it won't stop at the breakpoint. It also can not stop when I use "run to cursor".  But,  it does stop  if I insert the instruction "debug" in the assembly source code,  or  "asm(debug)" in the c source code.

Is it something related to my target board? My original target board does not have JTAG connector, and it took me hard time to solder a JTAG connector.
When I use a different DSC target board 56F8013DEMO, everything works fine.

Any suggestions?