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Need help in booting windows embedded compact 7 on iMX6 Sabrelite Quad board

Question asked by Pratik Pawar on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Raybiztech RBT

I am trying to boot Sabre Lite iMX6 with Windows Embedded Compact 7.

I have downloaded binary image from Adeneo Embedded website.I have prepared sd card using cfImager.exe tool.

cfimager –f eboot.nb0 –d J -imx53

cfimager –f nk.nb0 –d J -imx53

I have copied iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC3.bin to the micro SD card.

But when I boot the board I received u-boot prompt i dont know how to copy iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC3.bin to EEPROM.I dont find any commands to rewrite the EEPROM in the read me file.Please suggest

Kindly help.