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cgi makeRequest - function executed twice

Question asked by corrado carini on Dec 4, 2013

I'm working on kinetis K60 mqx3.8 and custom board.

This board can be remotely web controlled by pushing buttons on a web server page and cgi.

Each button is managed like in the following code:


function tasto1() {





<input type="submit" STYLE="position:absolute; top:100px; left:380px;width:60px" value="1" onclick="tasto1()">


and function makeRequest() as found in many mqx web servers examples.


Everything runs ok with most of windows/linux/mac pc browsers and also with smartphones.

If I try to control my board with Blackberrys, every time I push a button, related function is executed twice.

The problem could be due to a Blackberry browser not standard behavior and could not be a problem.

The real problem is that sometimes I see the same fault also on Windows7+Chrome configuration (maybe other configurations?).

Can anyone help me to solve this bug?

Many thanks,