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How to cross-compile and optimize gstreamer for imx6?

Question asked by Tejas Shah on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by Dmitry Pozhidaev



I have a wandboard-dual board and I am using yocto to compile the source code.

I already have gstreamer installed in my image but I need to just optimize.

Since I already have gstreamer in my image, can I use yocto to optimize gstreamer?

I read about optimization and found that there are three levels -o1, -o2 and -o3 and there

is -os(this optimizes depending on the size and not speed). I just have to optimize the gstreamer

code by adding a flag(which I guess would be putting -o1, -o2 or -o3).


If optimizing gstreamer using yocto is not possible, I will have to cross-compile gstreamer.

Can anyone please tell me, how would I cross-compile gstreamer?