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MQX Idle task and Low power question

Question asked by tybos on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by tybos

Hi Freescale Community,


I recently managed to run MQX (4.0.2) on a custom board based on K10 (50 MHz silicon) device.

This board is dedicated to measuring chip consumption so I wanted to activate Low Power mode for MQX.


Looking at Idle task code and mqx.h, I found something that doesn't seem to make sense.


In src/include/mqx.h (line 162):



   #error MQX_IDLE_TASK_PARAMETER must be 0 when Low Power feature is enabled!


And in src/kernel/idletask.c:

void _mqx_idle_task


        uint_32 parameter


{ /* Body */



    while (1) {


        if (parameter)






    } /* Endwhile */


} /* Endbody */


If I understand this well, mqx.h forces me to let MQX_IDLE_TASK_PARAMETER to 0 while idle task will test this parameter to be not 0 to enter wait mode.

So basically, I can not enter wait mode in idle task unless I modify idletask.c.


Do I miss something here ?


Thank you in advance for those who will read and discuss this point.