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JTAG Scripts for loading DTB enabled kernel

Question asked by Prasad Eligar on Dec 4, 2013

Hi All,


I am working on to port 3.10.9 alpha Linux kernel from Yocto  on a custom board using imx6solo.

I am trying to load the kernel for board bring-up using Trace 32 Lauterbach debugger.

Since this kernel uses Device Tree Structure for the configuration , I want to know if there are any scripts available which can be used to load the kernel and the .dtb file.


At present I am using the scripts available at  :

Lauterbach site: support->download center->start-up scripts->imx6->sabrelite ( files are attached )


With this scripts , able to load kernel elf  and run to some point.

To be precise it  is stopping inside dump_machine_table()  function in arch/arm/kernel/setup.c


The reason for the above behavior could be that he is not getting the correct atag’s required to boot.

Does anyone know how to embed atag and dtb  info into the kernel elf.



Guruprasad Eligar

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