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How can I configure the debugger to not erase data flash in 10.5?

Question asked by lesley freed on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by lesley freed

In Codewarrior 10.5 for DSC (568367) I want to disable download to data the data flash (range 04000-07FFF).  In the classic Codewarrior you could just comment out the line in the .cfg file.  Can you change the .mem file to prevent the debugger from erasing this section?  I tried to change the permission to "Read" but it still erased it.


//         Memory Map:

//         ----------------------------------------------------------------------

//         <memory address rage>     <access size>     <permission>

range      p:0x00000000 p:0x0003FFFF       2           ReadWrite      // FLASH

range      p:0x00040000 p:0x00043FFF       2           ReadWrite      // FLASH

reserved   p:0x00044000 p:0x0004F7FF

range      p:0x0004F800 p:0x0004FFFF       2           ReadWrite      // RAM

reserved   p:0x00050000 p:0x001FFFFF



range      x:0x00000000 x:0x00003FFF       2           ReadWrite      // RAM

range      x:0x00004000 x:0x00007FFF       2           Read           // FLASH

reserved   x:0x00008000 x:0x0000EFFF

//         x:0x0000F000 x:0x0000FFFF       2           ReadWrite      // Memory Mapped Registers

reserved   x:0x00010000 x:0x00FFFEFF

//         x:0x00FFFF00 x:0x00FFFFFF       2           ReadWrite      // Memory Mapped Registers