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gc_hal_user_linker.c: No such file or directory

Question asked by obigo se on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by Michael C. Kim

Hi, all.


I have something in trouble about Aquarium WebGL content which uses OpenGL / EGL.


In my browser application, Aquarium webgl page does not work correctly.


This is occurred only aquarium webgl page, other webgl pages are OK.


I think that this is from shader program compile and linking on gpu driver.


As you can see below, I do not have gc_hal_user_linker.c file, so I could not debug it to the end.


Question: Please let me know any information about "gc_hal_user_linker.c: No such file or directory" error message.


[Target and Platform Information]

IMX6Q - Ubuntu 12.04


[Reproduce Step]

1. go to aquarium webgl content page

2. go back or to another page

3. go to aquarium webgl content page, again.

4. confirm crash with below error log message


[Error Log Message]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

[Switching to LWP 836]

gcLINKTREE_AddList (Tree=<optimized out>, Root=<optimized out>,

Type=<optimized out>, Index=<optimized out>) at gc_hal_user_linker.c:1877

1877     gc_hal_user_linker.c: No such file or directory.

(gdb) bt

#0 gcLINKTREE_AddList (Tree=<optimized out>, Root=<optimized out>,

Type=<optimized out>, Index=<optimized out>) at gc_hal_user_linker.c:1877

#1 0x366aa640 in _AttributeSource (Tree=0x1bbd528, Index=0, TempIndex=63,


at gc_hal_user_linker.c:1959

#2 0x366ab084 in gcLINKTREE_Build (Tree=<optimized out>,

    Shader=<optimized out>, Flags=<optimized out>) at gc_hal_user_linker.c:2840

#3 0x366b0128 in gcLinkShaders (VertexShader=<optimized out>,

FragmentShader=<optimized out>, Flags=<optimized out>,

StateBufferSize=<optimized out>, StateBuffer=StateBuffer@entry=0x1bc12e8,




at gc_hal_user_linker.c:7834

#4 0x3664cfe0 in glProgramBinaryOES (program=<optimized out>,

binaryFormat=<optimized out>, binary=0x187d400, length=4624)

at gc_glsh_shader.c:4780

#5 0x2c4d4d8e in gfx::GLApiBase::glProgramBinaryFn(unsigned int, unsigned int, void const*, int) () from /home/obigo/W20/

#6  0x2d9ff076 in gpu::gles2::MemoryProgramCache::LoadLinkedProgram(unsigned int, gpu::gles2::ShaderManager::ShaderInfo*, gpu::gles2::ShaderManager::ShaderInfo*, std::map<std::string, int, std::less<std::string>, std::allocator<std::pair<std::string const, int> > > const*) const ()

from /home/obigo/W20/

#7 0x2da04cb8 in gpu::gles2::ProgramManager::ProgramInfo::Link(gpu::gles2::ShaderManager*, gpu::gles2::ShaderTranslator*, gpu::gles2::ShaderTranslator*, gpu::gles2::FeatureInfo*) () from /home/obigo/W20/

#8 0x2d9de1dc in gpu::gles2::GLES2DecoderImpl::DoLinkProgram(unsigned int) ()

from /home/obigo/W20/

#9 0x2d9f8786 in gpu::gles2::GLES2DecoderImpl::DoCommand(unsigned int, unsigned int, void const*) () from /home/obigo/W20/

#10 0x2d9cfd1e in gpu::CommandParser::ProcessCommand() ()

from /home/obigo/W20/

#11 0x2d9fb632 in gpu::GpuScheduler::PutChanged() ()

from /home/obigo/W20/

#12 0x00000000 in ?? ()