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CW 10.5 problems with downloading and debugging - Coldfire

Question asked by wulffdk on Dec 2, 2013
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I just recently upgraded my machine on work for a newer model with a bit more horepower under the hood and win7 64bit instead of XP.


I have now run into quite a problem. I dont seem to be able to debug on the code for the coldfire MCU's i'm using. download has also become increasingly problematic, i cant seem to locate the issues.

on the old machine i used 10.2 installed by med predecessor in the company, so i havent got any experience with setting up the IDE is this is needed.


Hope somebody can help me out.


It show a error message telle me that GDI cant connect to hardware memory.


i cant show you this error since i ran into a compiler error while trying to work out the kinks...