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marvel 88w8787 / sd8787  sdio wlan programmer's manual

Question asked by bucifelus on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by Justin Jiang

Hi all,

I have an imx53 QSB with a marvell 88w8787 ( Linux developer community calls it sd8787) inserted in the SD-slot. I am trying to write a WEC7 sdio client / ndis driver for self-learning purposes. Nowhere in the web I could find a relevant datasheet or some kind of programmer's reference guide for this SOC -- essentially the register set/bits and host<->card protocol. Can someone please provide me a link where this is available or email me ( I would be grateful.

I tried to reverse engineer the Linux mwifiex driver source code with limited success. This card/driver after integration with the yocto community BSP works perfectly well and I could get dynamic, live debug logs

BTW, I don't understand, why some companies don't publish such essential things publicly, as if they are great national secrets, hiding under some NDA-required crap ? Here I could understand that some kind of crypto involved like WEP WPA...but still, they could be kept as black box stuff and other details divulged.