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polarization of MW7IC2425N

Question asked by Vasco Tesi on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Wlodek_D.

hello, we are designing a power source  prototype using

MW7IC2425N ; which is  the gate  current of first stage when the

power amplifier is at full power output ? It seems to be very low ,

provided that the total resistance between (VG1, VG2) and gates is 14 kOhm

from your text fixture test data  and relevant BOM ( R4 +R5+R6 =

R1+R2+R3 = 14 KOhm); so the current seems to be (15.8 Volt - 2.7 Volt) / 14 KOhms = about 0.9 mA.

Same question for the gate current of second stage.

The question arises because we provide gate voltages using an

op amp, and we want to dimension the op amp.

Is it possible to obtain a pulse mode of operation toggling the

gate voltages from 15.8 (and 14 Volt) DC to zero?

Thank you, bye

(already posted as service request 1-1208604001 but not answered)