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imx6 sabresd customized board with sd card failed booting

Question asked by Vishwanath Raju on Nov 29, 2013



I am facing board bring up for i.mx6solo customized board. The basic features are

  1. SD3 for booting
  2. LPDDR2 : Configured with reference to Mx6DQSDL LPDDR2 Script Aid V0.01.xls
  3. UART3 for Debug



SDK: L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816_source

Linux BSP: board-mx6q_sabresd.c - attached

u-boot board file: mx6q_sabersd.c - attached


I have a LTIB installed, u-boot is buled with the script (./ sd2).

Can any one suggest me basic steeps need to be taken care to bring up the board ASAP.




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