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GPU GC355 not responding and it got stuck.

Question asked by sathishkumar sigamani on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by sathishkumar sigamani


How I can ensure whether the GPU gc355 in vybrid processor is executed all of the commands in the command buffer(0x400CF500)?


In Vybrid_Reference_Manual_F_Series_-_Rev_3.pdf, it is mentioned that the GPU will generate the interrupt after all the IDLE bits goes high and INTR enabled.


If i consider the idle register(0x400CF004) status, sometimes it is having 0x7ffff7fe instead of 0x7fffffff/e.

The Clock Control Register (0x400C_F000) having 0x00040100 instead of 0x00070100 for longtime.


Is there is any error status register to find out the reason why the commands are not get processed?



Please support.