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OpenCV OCL module Support

Question asked by Fikret Alim on Nov 28, 2013
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Does IMX6Q support OCL module of OpenCV for GPU programming? I have found ocl header insider opencv2/nonfree/ocl.hpp, but the ocl.hpp here includes opencv2/ocl/ocl.hpp which does not exist. There is no OCL folder inside opencv2 folder.


Is it supported? If yes, do I need to download from anywhere?


In he link below, it is mentioned that OpenCL version should be larger than 1.1 with FULL PROFILE in order to use OCL module. As far as I know, IMX6Q supports OpenCL 1.1 with Embedded Profile. It should not be supported according to the documentation, but I am confused for seeing ocl.hpp under nonfree folder.

OpenCL Module Introduction — OpenCV documentation


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