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P1022 Custom board bring-up

Question asked by nishad kamdar on Nov 27, 2013
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Dear sir,


I am using the P1022NSN2EFB processor on our board.


We are using Code Warrior 10.3 along with Code warrior USB TAP for debugging the processor.


We tried debugging the example code for UART testing which is targeted for the P1022DS board.


However, the Processor part number in the P1022DS is different than the one we are using.


P1022NSN2EFB can run on a core frequency of upto 600MHz while the one in P1022DS can run at a 1000MHz core frequency.


We have made the required changes on the configuration pins for the desired frequency.


However when we try to debug that code, it starts executing the .tcl script,  and waits indefinitely at a particular

point while executing the Initialization.


I have attached the snapshot of the point where the the process halts along with the entire project.


My query is


What are the changes to be made and what additional files need to be included into the code that we are using,

so that it may work for our Target Processor and Board.



Warm Regards,

Nishad Kamdar

Bit Mapper Integration Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Design Engineer

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