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cannot flash the mc13213 - hard reset??

Question asked by tommaso sinico on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by tommaso sinico

Hello everybody , i'm an italian student and i'm working with the freescale mc13213 platform.

At the moment i'm trying to evaluate the power consumption of the rf module during a transmission: i send a packet every 100ms and i measure the voltage un a resistor wich is between the Vcc and Vrf (that i solded the resistor in the place of R132) with a differential amplifier.

The amplifier is powered with dual voltage +-15V.

When i connected the mc13213 to the amplifier it "doesn't like it at all" if i try to flash the mc13213 with codewarrior, it appears i window wich says "the target MCU is not responding. please turn the MCU power off(under 0.1v),turn MCU power on, then click ok. this will attempt to enter debug mode throught a power on reset sequence (BKGD currently is drivenm low)"


I really don't know what to do because i tried to do that ON/OFF sequence but it doesn t work.

Is there a way to "hard reset" the board??


thanks everyone

best regards

tommaso sinico