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PPP problem on K60 with MQX-RTCS

Question asked by Nagaraj Kanniah on Nov 27, 2013
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I am using K60 MQX+RTCS and using PPP over a GPRS modem.


The problem I am facing with PPP is that I am able to get connected and view the assigned IPs but the default route is not getting added. As a result, basic 'ping' itself doesn't work.


There is once place though where I have commented the code:


  - first we open the serial port and assign to PPP_CON_DEV_HANDLE: this succeeds:

  /* Open serial device. */

    default_ppp.PPP_CON_DEV_HANDLE = fopen(default_ppp.PPP_CONNECTION_DEVICE, NULL);


- However, the following fails - why it fails I can't understand:

     /* Open PPP like client. */

     default_ppp.PPP_DEV_HANDLE = fopen("dcn:", (char_ptr)default_ppp.PPP_CON_DEV_HANDLE);

     /* Checking, does it open ? */

      if(default_ppp.PPP_DEV_HANDLE == NULL)




                /* Close PPP_DEVICE. */



            printf("\n ERROR: Can not open \"dcn\" PPP driver.\n");

            return RTCS_ERROR;



- So, I commented the PPP_DEV_HANDLE and using PPP_CON_DEV_HANDLE in '_io_pcbppp_hdlc_init()'.

I have set 'DEFAULT_ROUTE' to TRUE in the 'ipcp_data' structure.


I traced the code in the IP Stack and found that 'IPCP_up()' which is supposed to set the default route is not getting called.


Can anybody provide pointers on the possible cause of the problem?


I tried adding a default route using 'RTCS_gate_add()' with the peer IP address as the gateway but even that doesn't work. If I print the routes using 'RTCS_walk_route()" shows this  newly added route as a 'INDIRECT ROUTE'. The ethernet interface route appears as a 'DIRECT ROUTE'. What's the difference between 'INDIRECT' and 'DIRECT' routes.




My 'ppp_start()' code is given below:



void   ppp_start(PPP_LINK_DETAILS_STRUCT *ppp_current)


     uint_32           error;

     _ip_address       local_address;

     _ip_address       peer_address=0;

     IPCP_DATA_STRUCT  ipcp_data;


      // PAP configuration


     char* localname     = ppp_current->LOCAL_NAME;

     char* localsecret   = ppp_current->LOCAL_PASSWORD;

     PPP_SECRET lsecret;


         // Setup PAP for client mode

         lsecret.PPP_ID_LENGTH = strlen(localname);

         lsecret.PPP_PW_LENGTH = strlen(localsecret);

         lsecret.PPP_ID_PTR    = localname;

         lsecret.PPP_PW_PTR    = localsecret;

         _PPP_PAP_LSECRET   = &lsecret; /* lsecrets  */

         _PPP_PAP_RSECRETS  =  NULL;    /* rsecrets  */

         _PPP_CHAP_LNAME    =  NULL;    /* localname */

         _PPP_CHAP_LSECRETS =  NULL;    /* lsecrets  */

         _PPP_CHAP_RSECRETS =  NULL;    /* rsecrets  */



        ppp_current->PPP_IO_DRIVER_HANDLE = _iopcb_ppphdlc_init(ppp_current->PPP_CON_DEV_HANDLE);

    _PPP_ACCM = 0;

    error = PPP_initialize(ppp_current->PPP_IO_DRIVER_HANDLE, &ppp_current->PPP_HANDLE);

    if (error)


       printf("\n PPP initialize: %lx", error);




    _iopcb_open(ppp_current->PPP_IO_DRIVER_HANDLE, PPP_lowerup, PPP_lowerdown,ppp_current->PPP_HANDLE);


    error = RTCS_if_add(ppp_current->PPP_HANDLE, RTCS_IF_PPP, &ppp_current->PPP_IF_HANDLE);

    if (error)


       printf("\n IF add failed, error = %lx", error);



    _lwsem_create(&ppp_current->PPP_SEM, 0);

    _mem_zero(&ipcp_data, sizeof(ipcp_data));

    ipcp_data.IP_UP              = PPP_linkup;

    ipcp_data.IP_DOWN            = PPP_linkdown;

    ipcp_data.IP_PARAM           = &ppp_current->PPP_SEM;


    ipcp_data.ACCEPT_LOCAL_ADDR  = TRUE;

    ipcp_data.ACCEPT_REMOTE_ADDR = TRUE;

    ipcp_data.LOCAL_ADDR         = 0; //ppp_current->PPP_LOCAL_ADDRESS;

    ipcp_data.REMOTE_ADDR        = 0; //ppp_current->PPP_REMOTE_ADDRESS;

    ipcp_data.DEFAULT_NETMASK    = TRUE;

    ipcp_data.DEFAULT_ROUTE      = TRUE;


    error = RTCS_if_bind_IPCP(ppp_current->PPP_IF_HANDLE, &ipcp_data);


    if (error)


       printf("\n IF bind failed, error = %lx", error);




    /*In case "client" we need wait for connection to server*/

    printf("\n Please wait initiate PPP connection.  Waiting...\n");

    // Handshake with RAS server

    // 10 attempts to connect


    error = 0;

    while (error < 10)


                if (PPP_link == FALSE)






                        printf("\n PPP_link = %d, time = %d\n",PPP_link,error);



                error ++;



        if (PPP_link == TRUE)



                local_address = IPCP_get_local_addr(ppp_current->PPP_IF_HANDLE);

                peer_address = IPCP_get_peer_addr(ppp_current->PPP_IF_HANDLE);

                printf("\n PPP device on %s is bound on.\n", ppp_current->PPP_CONNECTION_DEVICE );

                printf(" PPP local  address is : %d.%d.%d.%d\n", IPBYTES(local_address));

                printf(" PPP remote address is : %d.%d.%d.%d\n", IPBYTES(peer_address));

                printf(" Now PPP connection is established on %d.%d.%d.%d\n", IPBYTES(peer_address));


              /* Install a route for a default gateway */

                RTCS_gate_add(peer_address, 0, 0);






                     /* clean up all PPP structure */

                        error = PPP_shutdown(ppp_current->PPP_HANDLE);


                ppp_current->PPP_HANDLE = NULL;

                // We should remove route to clear part block.

                RTCS_gate_remove(ppp_current->PPP_GATE_ADDR, INADDR_ANY, INADDR_ANY);