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SATA temperature sensor on i.MX53 (AN4380)

Question asked by Martin Fuzzey on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by Rambabu Pillalamarri


has anyone got the i.MX53 internal temperature sensor to work as described in AN4380?


Initially I could not access the PHY registers (the acknowledge bit was never set) but I found this was

because the SATA module did not have a clock (we haven't connected an external clock).

Blowing the fuse at 180C in fusebank 4 to set SATA_ALT_CLK_REF to 10 (internal USB Phy) fixed that

(I couldn't find another way to do it in software without blowing the fuse)


So I can now access the registers and implement the algorithm described in the application note.

The readings seem fairly stable but I get (at ambient temperature) m1=520 m2=683

Which, according to the formula in the AN is  -106.6 C


Something is clearly wrong...