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Freescale specific kernel header to compile imx-lib

Question asked by Alexandre Schnegg on Nov 27, 2013
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I use an APF27 board from Armadeus, running an i.MX27. The latest BSP provides by Armadeus uses Buildroot 2013.05-00008-gc3f1103. In the package selection I choose imx-lib, which requires some specific header, as said in the help of the package:


  │ Library of userspace helpers specific for the Freescale i.MX                                               
  │ platform. It wraps the kernel interfaces for some i.MX platform                                            
  │ specific drivers. It requires a kernel that includes the i.MX                                              
  │ specific headers to be built.                                                                              
  │ This library is provided by Freescale as-is and doesn't have                                               
  │ an upstream.                                                                                               
  │ Symbol: BR2_PACKAGE_IMX_LIB [=y]                                                                           
  │ Type  : boolean                                                                                            
  │ Prompt: imx-lib                                                                                            
  │   Defined at package/imx-lib/                                                                   
  │   Depends on: BR2_LINUX_KERNEL [=y] && BR2_arm [=y]                                                        
  │   Location:                                                                                                
  │-> Package Selection for the target                                                                    
  │  -> Libraries                                                                                         
  │    -> Hardware handling                                                                               
  │   Selected by: BR2_PACKAGE_GST_FSL_PLUGINS [=n] && BR2_LINUX_KERNEL [=y] && BR2_arm [=y] && \              

  │ BR2_LINUX_KERNEL [=y] && BR2_arm [=y]


My question is : can I get this header on my cross-compile machine running Ubuntu 13.04 or am I forced to use a Freescale BSP and do a native compilation ?


Thanks in advance



Alexandre Schnegg