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How use Ethernet pin as gpio interrupt pin

Question asked by Matteo Fabiani on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2013 by Anson Huang



I have a problem with my i.mx28 based custom board. My custom board works with Linux ed it is connected by NFS to my host computer.

I have connectet pin ENET0_TXD2 to an external device and I have configured this pin as a input gpio. In my driver I have set this pin as input,



and I have called the interrupt request function;


pin = gpio_to_irq(ENET0_TXD2);

request_irq ( pin, &interruptFunction, IRQF_TRIGGER_RISING, ..., NULL );


irqreturn_t interruptFunction (int irq, void *dev_id)


     irq handler....



The problem is that when there is a rising edge on the ENET0_TXD2 pin nothing happens, i.e. the interrupt function associated to a rising edge on the pin ENET0_TXD2 is never called.


I have repleced pin ENET0_TXD2 with another pin (LCD_HSYNC) and everything works perfectly.

Why with pin ENET_TXD2 the interrupt function is never called?

I have to change some particular setting in the kernel (ethernet driver ecc ecc)?

Do you have any suggestions?