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K10, multilink and SWD

Question asked by Nicklas A on Nov 27, 2013
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We have a product that have a Kinetis K10 processor in it.

We have programmed it by using PE-multilink and JTAG. We also have a small rig where we put our product and then have spring-pins/connectors connecting to some pads on the PCB. This has work pretty good (maybe 80% of the time). But now it's worse and worse (guessing that the rig is starting to get old, and the pins aren't that precise any more). So my thought was to program it through SWD instead, then it uses much less pins, (and then maybe get more stable).

But I have a hard time finding out how SWD works. It only says that "only 2 pins are needed". But I'm guessing that this is a truth with a modification. I suppose that gnd is needed as well. And how about reset and VCC, are they needed as well? How does SWD get in programming mode? JTAG does it when resetpin is still low (if I remember it correct), is it the same for SWD?


Has anyone tried to program a K10 with a multilink using SWD?

Is there anything else to change or should it work if it works to program it with JTAG (over multilink)? Just to check this SWD-box in the programming window?