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Accessing ptp timestamp using fec_1588.c driver

Question asked by harshit upreti on Nov 26, 2013

I am currently working on PTP , and my requirement is that I should access the receive/transmitted timestamp using the ioctl provided in the driver.

Through the socket ioctl (SIOCDEVPRIVATE) , i am able to get the rtc time. But there are three issues I need to solve

i) Whenever I try to use  PTP_GET_TX_TIMESTAMP with ioctl , it always returns 0 in the timestamp field. However, it doesnot return any error value

ii) Whenever I try to use  PTP_GET_RX_TIMESTAMP with ioctl , it returns an error message Resource temporarily unavailable.

iii) Also , is there a way through which an interrupt/notification can be passed to userspace application  whenever I receive a PTP packet.


I have tried this with kernel version 3.0.35 on iMX6q sabrelite board.