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X11 is not working on IMX.6

Question asked by Fikret Alim on Nov 26, 2013
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I am trying to run X11 examples included in gpu_sdk_v1.00 package. I am using Yocto fsl-gui-image. I have tried to run 06_Texturing example under GLES2.0 folder. I have only modified -mfloat-abi variable in the Makefile from softfp to hard. Then I have compiled the code, but unfortunately it is not running on IMX.6 board. I got the following error message when I try to run ./06_Texturing;


06_Texturing: ../common/src/fsl_egl.c:51 fsl_getNativeDisplay: Assertion 'eglNativeDisplayType != ((void *)0)' failed



What can be wrong? It seems that there is a problem at XOpenDisplay function which is called by fsl_getNativeDisplay function. Is there anything to be done to enable X11? I checked that the libraries are loaded under /usr/libç What should I do?


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