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Writing to FMPLL.SYNCR causes exception

Question asked by Adam Beneschan on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by Adam Beneschan

I'm tryin to get an MPC5566EVB board to work (using Code Warrior and P&E Micro ICDPPCNEXUS).  I'm trying to get the provided sample project eSCI-Simple to work; I modified the source to use #include "mpc5566.h" and modified initSysclk() to include the code it looks like it should include.


However, when I try to step through it, it appears that this instruction:


FMPLL.SYNCR.R = 0x16080000;


is causing an exception.  The instruction is trying to write to 0xC3F80000, which I think is the correct address of the FMPLL_SYNCR register.  Based on the address it jumps to, the exception type seems to be 1, 2, 13, or 14 (there are four IVOR registers with the same value).


Something else that bothers me (I don't know if it's related) is that when I click on the ICDPPCNEXUS REG icon and try to display FMPLL_SYNCR, the window says the value of the register is 0xC3F80000 (same as the address), and it tries to break that value down into bits.  This seems to be the case for most, but not all, of the registers in the C3Fxxxxx range.


I'm a software person and am pretty new to working with boards directly, so I can't tell what I might be missing.  I haven't played with any config switches or anything on the board.  Any help would be appreciated--thanks!