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How to use the Motor Control Libraries?

Question asked by Alberto Garlassi on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by Alberto Garlassi

I'm trying to use CW 10.5 and CM0MCLUG.

When calling whatever function, ex.  GFLIB_Sin_F32,

PE_DEBUGHALT() is reached.


The following code is executed, it does not look like a proper sin function.


00000000:   movs r0,r0

00000002:   movs r0,#0

00000004:   lsrs r5,r0,#1

00000006:   movs r0,r0

00000008:   lsrs r1,r0,#32

0000000a:   movs r0,r0

0000000c:   lsrs r1,r0,#32

0000000e:   movs r0,r0

00000010:   lsrs r1,r0,#32

00000012:   movs r0,r0

00000014:   lsrs r1,r0,#32

00000016:   movs r0,r0

00000018:   lsrs r1,r0,#32

0000001a:   movs r0,r0

0000001c:   movs r0,r0

0000001e:   movs r0,r0



What's going on?


Does an example of motor control code for CW exist?

If I understood correctly the motor control application notes are all for IAR.


Better stick with 56F for these kind of things?