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[MultiMedia-Audio Output] Need an answer to confirm this discussion

Question asked by Tong Chunyang on Nov 24, 2013
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Hi All


Good Morning.

Now I have a question need to be confirmed. The question's details just like bellow:

1, Decided to using I2S output port AUDMUX4/ESAI to output the PCM data.

2, The understanding of the audio file codec is imaged bellow.




Just like image shows above, there are many audio files with different sample rate from USB device. By the soft side, these different rates are converted to the fixed rate, and then decode the file to RAW data and

push into SSI&ESAI. Finally to the ASRC converted to another fixed sample rate(48Kbps) to output.



1, Is the understanding above correct?

2, If the understanding above is correct. Is there maybe some sound output dely and original sample rate should be changed error occurred?

3, Is the LRCK frequency of the I2S' output is fixed with 48KHz(because of the sample rate is 48Kbps), can this value be changed anymore?


Best Regards