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Question asked by Mathias Neusch on Nov 22, 2013
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i woud like to connect two i.MX6 with SPI. (SCLK, MISO, MOSI, SS)


Reference Manual


21.4.2 Slave Mode

In this configuration, Chip Select (SS) becomes an input signal, and is used to control

data transfers through the Shift register, as well as to load/store the data FIFO.



-> Chip Select connected directly


But what i have to do with MISO/MOSI? Is crossing required?



ECSPI4_MISO (MISO) Master data in; slave data out EIM_D22
ECSPI4_MOSI (MOSI) Master data out; slave data in EIM_D28



i.MX6 Master - i.MX6 Slave

EIM_D22 (TX)  -  EIM_D28 (RX)

EIM_D28 (RX)  - EIM_D22 (TX)


or is no crossing required?


i.MX6 Master - i.MX6 Slave

EIM_D22 (TX)  -  EIM_D22 (RX)

EIM_D28 (RX)  - EIM_D28 (TX)


Thanks for any Help