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Access to the upper 512 kilo bytes of flash of the Kinetis K70

Question asked by Claus Stovgaard on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by Claus Stovgaard

Hi all

I am trying to use the full 1 megabyte flash of the Kinetis K70 PK70FN1M0VMJ12 (The K70 tower module)

As the 1M in the name indicates this device has 4 blocks of program flash, and no FlexNVM or FlexRAM. This is split in two address ranges – 0x0000_0000 to 0x0007_FFFF and 0x0008_0000 to 0x000F_FFFF. Seen from my JTAG probe it is two C90TFS flash areas each consisting of 2 blocks. I can program the first area, but can’t get the second area programmed.

Looking at the Flash configuration field description, it contains a 16-byte flash configuration field. I would like to know if this repeated on the second flash area. So beside 0x040C for the flash security byte, is the second area also containing a flash security byte on 0x8_040C?

Ideal I would like to use the section from 0x3FF (after the reserved area) to 0xF_FFFF in a continuous flash area. It is much easier to link the code together, for one continuous section.

So please give me some advice? How can I use the second flash area of the K70?