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KL05 current consumption

Question asked by Ivan Rusnacko on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by Kerry Zhou

Hello all,


I have a FRDMKL05 devel kit, and it has J4 header which can be used for MCU consumption measurement. According to Electrical table datasheet for KL05, the consumption at 16 MHz should be 4 mA(with all  perihperals ON), but with my code(uses almost everything beside touch controller) I get 6,3 mA. My code is in loop getting  value from ADC and doing some computations and then outputs it to DAC. It is strange, because in datasheet, there is stated that at 48 MHz and all perihperals ON, it should take 6 mA, which less than my code which runs at 16 MHz. 

From J4 header, I should get only MCU consumption(it is written in User manual for this board). Can someone explain me, why I am getting so high consumption? Thanks in advance.