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Mouse not work with fsl-image-gui

Question asked by Zhang Jay on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Zhang Jay

Dear all,

I have built the fsl-image-gui by yocto, when booting it shows udev cannot setup, because my kernel doesn't support udev, so I add the "exit 0" at the top of /etc/iniit.d/udev,

then I can see the login part on terminal, but when I insert my usb mouse, it cannot work.

When inserting, log shows:



root@imx53qsb:/# usb 2-1.3: USB disconnect, address 4

usb 2-1.4: new low speed USB device using fsl-ehci and address 5

input: USB Optical Mouse as /devices/platform/fsl-ehci.1/usb2/2-1/2-1.4/2-1.4:1.0/input/input8

generic-usb 0003:1BCF:0007.0003: input: USB HID v1.10 Mouse [USB Optical Mouse] on usb-fsl-ehci.1-1.4/input0


When I use the qt4e-demo-image, I can using my mouse for selecting each QT demo, but I cannot use it by fsl-image-gui.

Is there some command I forget to type in?